6 step water tank cleaning method

Healthy and beautiful life means pure water since water is life and the essence of that life is the water tank of your building. The key to staying healthy is to make sure that the water we use is germ-free. Keep an eye on whether the tank is open. Because at least five million people die every year in Asia from drinking contaminated water. For this, it is very important for us to make sure that the water tank cleaning in your building.

Al Medina Water Tank Cleaning Bangladesh completes the water tank cleaning of the building in six steps with the help of medicine and machines. We usually pay more attention to the tanks. We pay more attention to the condition of the water lines in the building. We actually clean the tank by removing germs and bacteria to keep the dirt in the tank.

Have you ever wondered if the water pipelines of a building are not cleaned for a long time, bacteria and germs are created from them, at one time the old erosions of the old ones can freeze and close your pipeline? Keep it up. Keep you and your family free from waterborne diseases. Clean your building’s water lines and water tanks in a timely manner.

1st step: Water is pumped out.

2nd step: Oxygen is injected to ensure the safety of the workers

3rd step: The reserve water tank cleaning by a spare machine

4th step: Tank Clean Antivirus is sprayed

5th step: All the dirt is removed

6th step: unseen bacteria are released through light rays

  • Removing poisonous gas (Methane, Hydrogen Sulfide) from the cistern.
  • Emptying the tank within a brief time using our pump.
  • Cleaning dirt, clay, fungi employing a water jet machine.
  • Cleaning with the vacuum.
  • Washing with standard also as a secure chemical spray( Its nothing but top quality combined detergent only) with huge water pressure to form the tank with minimum germ and bacteria for max duration.
  • Using UV (UV-C) light to kill germs.
  • After cleaning the tank handing it over to the right authority.
  • Providing a quick and efficient service using expert people.
  • Track and maintain a routine cleaning for your tanks regularly every 3 months /6 months /12 months (If you’re satisfied with our first service and assigned us for that) albeit you’ve got forgotten.
  • Providing a pictured report of before and after work of the cistern supported your request(On-demand).